Antiwordle - The Opposite Challenge

Are you tired of the pressure to find the right word in a limited number of tries? Welcome to Antiwordle, where success means staying as far away from the answer as possible. Embrace failure and become the champion of the anti-word guessing game. Read on to learn how to play.

How to Play

Antiwordle flips the rules of traditional word games on their head. Instead of aiming for the correct word, your goal is to avoid it at all costs. Each day, you're presented with a five-letter puzzle, but there's no need to stress about finding the solution quickly. In fact, the longer it takes you to stumble upon the right word, the better.

You have unlimited attempts to guess, but be warned: the game becomes increasingly challenging with each turn. As you make guesses, the system narrows down your options, making it even more difficult to stumble upon the correct answer.

Antiwordle maintains the familiar color scheme of its predecessor, with gray indicating letters that are not part of the solution. However, unlike Wordle, yellow letters signal a positional error, while red letters signify pure bad luck.


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