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Octordle is the delectable cousin of the popular word-guessing game, offering a savory challenge for those who have mastered the original and its variants. Just as Wordle tests your linguistic prowess, Octordle tantalizes your taste buds with a culinary twist.

How to Play

In Octordle, players aim to guess five food-related words with up to ten attempts. The game presents a grid dedicated to each word, providing a mouthwatering array of options to explore simultaneously.

  • Choose Your Dish: Scan the grids and select the word that catches your eye. This will be your starting point, so choose wisely!
  • Guess with Gusto: Enter your guesses for each word, keeping in mind the clues provided by the color-coded feedback.
  • Taste Test: If you're stuck on one word, don't be afraid to switch to another grid. Variety is the spice of life, after all!
  • Bon App├ętit: Keep guessing until you've cracked all five words or run out of attempts. With perseverance and a dash of luck, victory is within reach!


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