Crosswordle - A Fusion of Classics and Modern

Crosswordle offers a unique blend of traditional crossword puzzles and the addictive gameplay of Wordle. Your goal is to finish the puzzle grid by swapping letters within vertical, horizontal, and intersecting letterboxes. The challenge lies in deciphering the correct words while managing your limited swap stock.

How to Play

To grasp the game's mechanics, it's essential to understand the elements visible on the screen. The puzzle consists of letterboxes or tiles intersecting with each other. Unlike typical online crossword puzzles, you don’t input characters or fill letterboxes based on hints. Instead, the colors of the letters provide guidance:

  • Green letters are correctly positioned and serve as primary clues for each word.
  • Yellow letters belong to the correct word but need repositioning.
  • Grey letters are misplaced and require swapping to the correct positions.
  • Deduce the right word by examining the green letters and strategically swapping others.
  • Click or tap on the letter you wish to move.
  • Select the letter you want to swap it with.
  • The selected letter turns blue, indicating readiness to swap. Click again to deselect.


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