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If you enjoy pushing the boundaries of your vocabulary and mental agility, Duotrigordle Challenge is tailor-made for you. This game tests your word-solving skills by presenting you with 32 hidden words that you must uncover within the limit of 37 attempts. But here's the twist: you're not just solving one puzzle board

How to Play

Navigate through the boards using the on-screen keyboard to select the first letter. This letter will be applied across all four boards simultaneously.

Enter a valid 5-letter word and hit the "Enter" button to submit your guess.

Pay attention to the colored hints provided. Green tiles indicate correct letters placed correctly, yellow tiles signify correct letters placed incorrectly, and gray tiles mean the letters are not used in the word.

With four boards and 32 words to uncover, strategize wisely. You have only 37 attempts to crack them all.

Race against the clock to find the words efficiently and challenge yourself to beat your best time. Share your achievements on social media and compete with friends!


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