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Feudle is an innovative online word-guessing game that puts a unique spin on the classic Hangman concept. Instead of simply guessing letters to form a word, players are tasked with completing search queries using Google autocomplete suggestions. With only six attempts allowed, the challenge is to decipher the word before running out of guesses.

How to Play

To embark on your Feudle adventure:

Access the Game: Head to the designated website and hit the "Play" button to kickstart the fun.

  • Decipher the Search Query: Upon starting, you'll be presented with a search query beginning with a specific phrase, such as "How to make a ____."
  • Guess the Word: Utilize the provided letter tiles to guess the word that Google's autocomplete suggests to complete the search query.
  • Arrange Your Guesses: Arrange the letter tiles horizontally to form your guess. Pay attention to the length of the word and the available letters.
  • Utilize Feedback: Benefit from the color-coded feedback; correct letters are highlighted in green, while incorrect ones are marked in red.
  • Limited Attempts: Remember, you only have six attempts to guess the word correctly, so choose your letters wisely.
  • Control the Game: Use your mouse or touchpad to drag the letter tiles and your keyboard to input guesses into the text box.
  • Submit Your Guess: Hit the "Guess" button to submit your word attempt.
  • Stuck? Reveal the Answer: If you find yourself stuck or have exhausted all your attempts, click on the "Reveal" button to uncover the solution.
  • Restart if Needed: Ready for another round? Simply hit "Play Again" to restart the game and continue honing your word-guessing skills.


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